solid reasons

for an investment property from the
HGI – Hartrampf Grundinvest GmbH

External expert certification

HGI commissions an independent expert to prepare a condition of the entire housing unit. On the basis of this report an assessment is also carried out for the individual residential unit.

Verified survey

An independent expert surveys every HGI property. On this basis, a definitive and binding survey of the living space is calculated.

No commission
fees for new renters

If required, HGI will take care of acquiring a new renter without any commission fees during the first year after purchase.

No loss of rental
income from vacancy

In the event of a vacancy, HGI will compensate the costs for the loss of rent during the first year after purchase.

Takeover of
renovation costs

If a renovation of the housing unit becomes necessary due to a new renter, HGI will takeover the necessary renovation and costs during the first year after purchase.

Takeover of
minor defects

HGI shall bear the costs of remedying minor defects, unless compensated by the tenant, during the first year after purchase.

Takeover of defects in
joint property

HGI shall bear the costs of remedying defects in the joint property in proportion to the co-ownership shares during the first year after purchase, provided that these cannot be offset by the maintenance reserve fund of the ownership community.

100% financing

Due to HGI’s many years of experience, we will be happy to support you in selection of the best financing partner.

What characterizes a profitable property?

This is exactly what we think you are looking for. To make it easy for you, we have put together the best offer for you from our repertoire. We will take care of you from the very beginning, from the preparation of the sales contract to the management of your property. You can rely on professional support with an all-round carefree package.

Our investment properties are a safe investment to give you a carefree future.

„It is the best chance to invest your money safely.“

Current offers
with yields p.a. of up to

Benefit from over 30 years of
management experience in capital investments

In times of low interest rates, more and more people regard real estate as an ideal capital investment. Houses and apartments are not only stable in value, but also promise considerable returns. Hartrampf Grundinvest GmbH is your specialist for the professional purchase and sale of existing real estate with long-term returns in the German real estate market. The highest level of expert, personal and long-term real estate consulting of Hartrampf Grundinvest GmbH is guaranteed.

Advantages of real estate as a capital investment

– Secure investment
– High rental income
– Protection against inflation and stability of value
– Lucrative returns
– Long-term value enhancement
– Asset accumulation
– Ideal retirement security
– Own use is possible

Solid base

for pension and asset planning

Purchase of Real Estate

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Then you are at the right place!

We are constantly looking for attractive properties throughout Germany.
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Partner company of Hartrampf Grundinvest GmbH is the ASE Real Estate GmbH. ASE Real Estate GmbH, a developer in Leipzig with the core competence of old building renovation, focuses on this rapidly changing metropolis of Leipzig.
Since the company was founded in 1993, well over 70 projects corresponding to 1,150 apartments with a living space of approx. 65,000 m² have been successfully implemented with a wide range. Even many years after completion, the individual properties still represent a strong reference for the construction quality of ASE Real Estate GmbH.

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